Solar energy is derived from the rays of the sun, as is evident from its name itself. Solar energy has numerous benefits for users. However, until recent years, this source of energy could be used only during the day. Presently though, the current technology enables individuals to effectively store and use solar power, even during the night. We would be discussing some of the important benefits of solar energy in this article. However, there are certain challenges associated with harnessing solar power in an optimal fashion. For instance, the following three questions arise when you first think about utilizing solar power:

• Earth receives only a minuscule amount of sun’s energy. How can the heat reception and utilization at our planet be maximized?

• We receive the solar radiations only during the day. How can we make up for the energy to last through the night?

• Even after all the evolutions in technology to harness solar power, we can still only manage to use the energy falling on a given surface. How can we concentrate all this energy at one specific spot?

Researchers are still carrying-out studies and at present, the technology is improving fast. Significant alterations were made for enhancing the solar energy panels’ price and visual appearance. With invention of higher quality photovoltaic cells, solar power was greatly enhanced. The cells will be added to steel  substrate to capture sunlight and the energy could be stored in the battery. They contain many layers of cells thus expanding its efficiency. These innovative panels use the amorphous silicon thin alloy technique. Thru this technique, the cells will not be as bulky as they nce were and they are highly efficient. With more stylish models on the market the home or business office will still look pleasing with the panel on top.

The cost of photovoltaic cells is also more cost efficient. This would help to extend the usage of solar energy to areas which were using other conventional energy sources thus far, and in newer forms too. The advantages of solar energy are also becoming evident over time. Clean, toxin-free environment can be guaranteed too, since internal combustion engines would soon be replaced by solar power systems. Thus, solar energy systems are fast emerging as the most important source of mainstream power.

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