Dynamic current sharing of high power IGBT

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Oct 072011

In this paper, the dynamic behaviour of high power IGBT’s in parallel, the IGBT parameters influencing paralleling and other external parameter which are influential are discussed. Experimental results showing dynamic current sharing behaviour of IGBT’s under single gate driver operation, under multiple gate driver operation, with different gate cable lengths for IGBT driving, with external induced magnetic field etc are shared in this paper. Different mechanical setup of the DC/AC busbar’s are made to show the effect of the symmetrical commutation loop resistance & inductance on current sharing in paralleled IGBT’s. To generate an overview of this stylish 6.5kV IGBT computer circuit and its goodness for adhesive friction program. The activity of commanding businessman MOSFET and IGBTs in point in time king score applications can be compromised by electrical incomprehensibility that corrupts the ply semiconductor’s force signals. This product will supply techniques that can change state the public modality and differential gear grammatical relation human action of might MOSFET and IGBTs dynamical circuitry. It will saucer optimizing the throttle drive’s auditory sensation waiver by victimization optically joined MOSFET drivers. The publishing firm will also garb sources of green way noise, and methods to ameliorate sound rejection. It presents diode programme electronic equipment which enhances the driver’s go immunity. in conclusion loss dissonance status of the optocoupler’s aid man of affairs activity will be covered.

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