Linux in 2008: New Linux Powered Devices

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Dec 082011

In 2007, the Linux operating system proved more popular than ever. 2008 is set to be an exceptional year with more computers and devices running Linux behind the scenes. These are just some of the new devices planned for 2008 Linux powered desktop PCs Microsoft has had a stranglehold on the desktop for the last 20 years. With Apple moving upstart and less than stellar performance of the new Vista operating system, Microsoft is conducting a public relations war at all. The Redmond company has committed to spend $ 500 million in advertising in the new operating system. The time might be right for the open source operating system Linux to take a bigger slice of the pie desktop. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) seem to think so, especially at the low cost sector. Everex Everex gPC gPC launched just in time for Christmas in 2007 and sold out immediately Walmart. It's modest hardware works with Linux operating system gOS to a surprisingly fast pace. Everex People believe that most users spend most of their time surfing the web. With this in mind, the whole system is designed around Firefox and Google's web applications. Many users felt the gOS is too limited and found Ubuntu works well on this computer 1.5GHz. For the price of $ 199 you also get 512 MB of RAM, 80GB hard drive, a DVD / CD-RW, keyboard, mouse and speakers. Just add a monitor and has a perfect team with the second. Walmart just replenishing their supplies of the CPG. Shuttle KPC In this year's CES, specialty PC maker Shuttle unveiled its latest small form factor (SFF). KPC will come in two flavors, a full $ 199 with Intel Celeron processor, a 945GC chipset, 512 MB of memory and either 60GB or 80GB hard drive and an updatable $ 99 barebones model with a Core Duo and 1GB of memory. Interesting is the decision not to send an optical drive. The system comes in the case of the familiar cube-shaped Shuttle XPC line, but with a selection of colorful graphics on the cover attractive to a younger set of customers Myspace. Dell Inspiron desktop Linux PC The function N and 530 N 1420, Ubuntu 7.10 notebook and embedded software DVD player. Both come with Intel Dual Core 2 processor with 1 GB of RAM and hard drives considerable. The 530N desktop is priced at $ 499, the 1420N Notebook Laptops for $ 729 This year's theme in laptops seems to be lighter, smaller and cheaper. The added cost of Windows makes it more difficult to break in the range of less than $ 500. Linux, royalty-free per device, is proving to be popular among manufacturers and consumers aware of their budget. Everex Cloudbook A small portable 2 pounds powered by gOS Rocket Linux operating system. The Everex CloudBook packs a lot into its diminutive 9 inches. Pre-loaded with Firefox, Skype, OpenOffice and network focused on the tasks of Gmail, Wikipedia, Facebook, Youtube and Blogger. With it's built on 802.11, 1.2g Via processor, 512 MB RAM, 30 Gigabit hard drive, card reader and webcam, you should be all you need, anywhere. From $ 399, hope to see you flying off the shelves at your local Wal Mart in late January. Asus EeePC Asus eeePC launched in the last quarter of 2007 to a market hungry for a low-cost laptop. At CES this year was more eeePCs in the hands of reporters at the ASUS booth. Sporting 2 GB solid state drive or a 4 GB and a custom operating system Xandros, the eeePC comes in a rainbow of colors. Asus is set to make record sales with this ultra portable laptop for $ 399. OLPC XO laptop redesign from the beginning, the One Laptop Per Child made headlines in 2007 for his humanitarian efforts. The XO sports a unique dual-mode display rotating flash-based storage and custom Red Hat operating system. Fully rugged and splashproof, the XO can survive anything a child can throw at it. Recently the foundation has announced its intention to release the XO for the U.S. market in a manner similar to his international work, selling the system to state governments for distribution to school children. Zonbu Zonbu mini laptops and is a company testing a new business model. The zero maintenance contract available for both the laptop and a mini Zonbu, reduces the initial cost with a $ 14.95 monthly fee for upgrades and free replacement warranty. Zonbu offers a notebook for $ 279 with a subscription or $ 479 without. The Zonbu MiniPC is smaller than a Mac Mini measuring less than 5 inches by 7 inches tall and slightly over 2 inches. Using Flash 4 GB for compact storage + 50 GB of online storage means no moving parts, so the mini very lasting effect. The mini is available for just $ 99 with payment and $ 299 without. Tablets and UMPCs UMPC E-Lead Noahpad demonstrated its unique Noahpad UMPC at CES this year. Avoiding the traditional keyboard uses two touch screens Noahpad as a keyboard. With a screen that folds into 360 degrees, allowing you to "write" with the screen up and the keys in the back. In less than 2 pounds Noahpad manages to include a complete operating system Ubuntu, a low power Via 1Ghz CPU, 512 MB RAM, 30 GB hard drive, integrated WiFi, SD card reader and webcam . Nokia N810 The third generation of Nokia Internet Tablet line, the $ 459 N810 offers improvements in speed, storage and new applications over its predecessors. Nokia also added a full QWERTY keyboard in great demand. Perfect for surfing the web wirelessly, listen to music or making VoIP phone, the N810 is full of open source goodness. OpenMoko mobile phones The idea of ??a phone with a user can modify the firmware is alien to most cellular phone manufacturers. But OpenMoko is a normal cellular phone maker, a subsidiary of CIE, OpenMoko phones have been designed to be tinkered with. The first product launched, the Neo 1973 has a VGA touchscreen of 2.8 inches. MicroSD slot, USB and tri-band GSM and is available now. Unveiled at CES this year, the Neo FreeRunner, GPS and Wi-Fi adds features, is expected to be released in spring 2008. Mototrola New Motorola Rokr E8 Rokr E8, a quad-band GSM / GPRS phone was introsuced also in the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show. Joining already extensive line of Motorola Linux-based phone, the Rokr E8 is equipped with a 2 megapixel camera, a music player with multiple codecs, HTML web browser, a transformation from a single user interface. Google Android The technology giant Google has never been afraid to rock the boat. Google has now set its sites on disrupting the mobile world. The construction of a new mobile phone battery completely out of open source software and training of the Open Handset Alliance (OHA), Google hopes to open the mobile stage your average hacker. Google delivered the software development kit to the world in December 2007. You can expect members of the OHA Sprint, Motorola, T-Mobile and others to start the deployment of phones and devices running the Android platform in 2008. One of the biggest advantages of Linux is its ability to function in a wide variety of hardware and be modified to fit almost any task imaginable. Everything from company servers, desktop PCs, routers, and media players all the way to electronic picture frames and GPS units. This is only a sample of the power devices of Linux that you can expect from this year, many of whom will not even realize that Linux under the hood.

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