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Dec 092012

Intelligent Motion Systems (IMS) manufactures a broad selection of step motor drives and indexers. From basic half/full step drives to high end driver indexers, there is an IMS product for your application. Servo Systems Co. offers the full IMS product line, including the IMS MDrive series and new MForce MicroDrive and MForce PowerDrice series, which feature an integrated motor and driver in a single, small and powerful package. We use indigenous technology and practice cost competence while giving appropriate
engineering solution. Diamond cutting machine market has enriched our experience in the field and has enabled us to give a complete solution including laser system. The Intelligent Motion Lab studies motion planning and control for intelligent robotic and biological systems. Our research applies computational, mathematical, and statistical techniques to address the complexity of high-dimensional motion in unstructured, dynamic, and uncertain environments, and seeks applications to domestic and industrial robotic manipulation, human-robot interaction, robot- and computer-assisted surgery, and legged locomotion. We are also interested in using computational theories to inform the study of motor cognition in humans and other cheap health coverage biological systems. The lab is directed by Prof. Kris Hauser and is part of the Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing. Semi-autonomous robots have the potential to combine the adaptability, contextual awareness, and intuition of humans with the precision, availability, and consistency of robots. We are interested in studying tightly coupled, real-time human and robot decision-making, where high performance of the overall system requires synthesizing both agents’ strengths in cognition and sensing. We are considering applications to puzzle solving, active safety systems for automobiles, interactive CAD systems, and industrial inspection and material handling.

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