What are outdoor motion sensors? Motion sensors are devices that monitor a certain area, whether this is outside your home, business, or any other area that needs monitoring. When someone or some thing passes within their range, they automatically come on. Most of these sensors are also cameras. When they are activated, they see what is in front of them, and these images can be transmitted to a video monitor, DVD or DVR player, so you are able to watch them in real time, or at some later date when it is convenient. Outdoor motion sensor lighting can bring great peace of mind in many ways to a home. If you come home after dark from a long day at work, you will find outdoor lighting helpful when searching for keys and trying to get the door unlocked. A visitor will never surprise you at night, because you will always be alerted by the sensor lighting. This form of lighting will help ward off unwanted animals and criminals alike. Few vandals will attempt to break in a life insurance no exam home that has this type of lighting installed, and animals dislike the light and will avoid it.  Most people in the market for motion sensor outdoor lighting usually have security concerns as a motivation for implementing this integral component of a home security system. This landscape lighting component is typically used to illuminate outdoor pathways, front porch lights, fences, gates, stairwells and driveways as a deterrence against crime, theft and other feared mischief. Motion sensor outdoor lighting works off a pretty simple premise: the fixtures turn on when motion is detected (sensed) and turn themselves off after a fixed period of time. In order for the sensor to turn on, an object merely needs to move through the signal of the sensor. Once this occurs, the signal emitted from the fixture reflects back to the sensor, thereby turning the light on. Motion sensor lighting is activated when the sensor detects movement, usually from up to eight feet away. This will turn on the bright security light beam for a certain time allotment that is usually adjustable according to your personal desires, but from about thirty seconds to ten minutes. If your motion sensor lighting uses LED lights, it will usually stay on for just about thirty seconds to conserve battery power. While LED lighting is much brighter, you may choose an option that can be adjusted to stay on for longer periods of time. Unfortunately, in today’s world of economic crisis, many people have resorted to crime to get by and make ends meet. While outdoor motion sensors won’t deter burglars from coming into your home, they certainly will be able to record pictures and video of these people, and crimes that commit. In addition, sometimes you may have other problems, such as vandalism on your property, whether it is some random person with nothing better to do, or a neighbor that has a grudge against you, etc. Having outdoor motions sensors installed can pick up these activities, and you can use them in court. Motion sensors can be placed strategically, so these vandals won’t see them.


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